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What this old thing? The humble cafetiere gets a rebrand

We can’t help but feel for the humble cafetiere. With coffee tastes becoming ever-more discerning, we now live in an age of full-on domestic barista-style coffee machines and drive thru coffee chains.

As such, cafetieres increasingly find themselves relegated to the back of the kitchen cupboard, their use in future coffee preparation questionable.

However, they do in fact have a much-needed new use; with interest in loose speciality teas on the rise, cafetieres needn’t linger in the shadows any longer.  They can now proudly rebrand themselves into –  a…(drumroll please)…‘Tea press’.

That’s right, by simply adding loose leaf tea to your cafetiere instead of ground coffee you too can unleash new life into it. 

Why are we making a big deal of this? Well, we have spent the last few months doing our fair share of markets, tasting sessions, demonstrations and presentations of our delicious tea range. In doing so, we ditched the rather more classy tasting cups and deployed an army of mini-cafetieres to demonstrate just how simple and unpretentious the making and enjoyment of loose leaf cup can be at home. And it’s amazing how many people are pleasantly surprised by the light bulb discovery that a cafetiere really is all that’s required.

So, if the idea of ditching the teabag strikes the fear of god inside you, fear no more – a foray into the delicious world of our loose leaf tea does not require any expensive investment into tea making equipment. That old cafetiere in the back of the cupboard will do the job just fine. And if you don’t own one, they can be picked up for as little as a fiver from major retailers. Just make sure you do the sacred double or triple “plunge” at the end of your steep time to ensure consistent flavour throughout your brew.

Our loose leaf teas are available to buy here, and for one week only, you can pick up a 10% discount on all loose leaf tea purchases using the promotional code “cafetiere” at checkout. We look forward to receiving your order.

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