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Bitter about drinking Green Tea? You might be making it incorrectly.

New Year, new you, right? Whatever your thoughts on this annual drive to self-improvement, it's clear that many people see the new year as the perfect moment to overhaul their diets.

For many, this diet overhaul will include the incorporation of green tea. It's only the 5th January and we've already been told by someone that they don't like it - but will drink it because they HAVE to - because it's terribly bitter.

As people for whom tea is a serious business (quite literally!), it's quite difficult not to get a bit distressed by this generalisation and then start waxing lyrical about the problem at hand here... "it's normally the result of using poor quality, dusty green tea from a supermarket, then steeping it in boiling hot water which is effectively burning those poor, unoxidised leaves."

As explained in our How to Brew section, white or green teas shouldn't be steeped in boiling water like regular black tea but at a water temperature no higher than 80 degrees; these teas aren't oxidised or cooked in an oven like black teas, so by pouring boiling hot water on them, you are effectively burning them, leaving you with a burnt, bitter taste.

If a thermometer is not a piece of equipment you have lying around at home, you can achieve 80 degrees by adding a quarter of cold water to the tea leaves before topping up with three-quarters of hot water. 

We hope this nugget of advice helps anyone on the road to their health goals this 2016 or indeed anyone broadening their interest in tea. Happy New Year and happy brewing!

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