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Rosebud Lemonade Iced Tea Recipe

Real iced tea is finally receiving the attention it deserves so we have decided to kick off our iced tea recipes with the simplest method going - the 'pour over' method with our delicious, caffeine-free Rosebud Lemonade blend.

'Pour over' simply means make a traditional hot tea brewed at double strength, which is then cool in the fridge and serve over ice. This method can be used to make iced brews out of any of our other fruit or herbal teas including Raspberry & Orange and Elderflower Punch.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

8 heaped tsps Rosebud Lemonade tea

1L 100°C water


Lemon slices

Lemon juice and sugar syrup (or honey/agarve) to taste


- Steep the Rosebud Lemonade in 100°C water for 5 minutes or more. You can steep for longer to suit your tastes as this blend is purely herbal.

- Strain your brew and place it in the fridge to cool.

- Pour over a glass with some ice cubes and finish with lemon slices, lemon juice and either sugar syrup or honey to taste.

Find our simple sugar syrup recipe here.

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