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Jess - Debonair Tea Co.Jessica

Tea packer, tradeshow stopper, admin assistant extraordinaire, Ruby's fave...

I'm Jess, 19, a Business student at Canterbury Christchurch University when not working part-time at Debonair Tea Company.

Favourite tea: Hmm, for 'proper' tea my go-to is Lover's Leap Ceylon without milk - Louisa converted me! If I'm after a cold brew I'd probably go for a fruit infusion like Raspberry & Orange - ours actually tastes like real fruit!

Most interesting thing you've learnt about tea: I've learnt so much considering I came into this position new to the world of loose leaf and whole leaf teas. From the difference between CTC (cut, tear, curl) and the orthodox method, to the countries and processes which create many of our teas, all from the same tea plant. However this year it's been learning how to cold brew teas, including infusions such as Raspberry & Orange which has been my drink of choice this summer! 

Fave thing about working at DTC: Every day is different, I could be at a farmers market, trade show or at our unit in Hythe packing and processing orders! I particularly enjoy interacting with the public, discussing and passing on tea knowledge. Cuddles with Ruby (Phil and Louisa's baby daughter) are also a highlight!
Photo credit: (c) Alex Nightingale-Smith, The Milk House



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