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Rooibos Chai Infused Bloody Mary & Garnishes

Chai Infused Bloody Mary by East Cliff Kitchen

Since our very early days, we have been very lucky to work with the incredible chef/art talent that is Cherry Truluck of East Cliff Kitchen in Folkestone, which specialises in local, pescatarian cooking.

Below, she shares her unique Ruby's Rooibos Chai infused Bloody Mary recipe with us which have become a staple of her pop-up brunches which have been taking Folkestone by storm in recent months:

We kick off our epic three course brunches with this delicious Bloody Mary, it is really easy to make, has outstanding flavour and just the right level of heat, plus it’s made from tea - so it’s all your brunch-time needs catered for in one drink!

Infusing the Rooibos Chai in Vodka

Infusing the Vodka:


1. Start at least 48 hours ahead of brunch time!

2. Add 4 tsp of Ruby’s Rooibos Chai per litre of vodka, straight into the vodka bottle or into another fancy bottle/jar, pop the cap on.

3. Leave it for 48 hours or as long as you need (It will get spicier the longer you leave it so if you’re not much of a chilli fiend, strain it after 48 hours).

    Mixing the cocktail:

    1. Put a few ice cubes into a tall glass or tumbler

    2. Add vodka and tomato juice
    We like 1 part vodka to 3 parts tomato juice, but this is a deeply personal ratio and we don't judge!

    Garnishing the Chai Infused Rooibos



    There is already so much flavour in the Ruby Chai, from the Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Fennel and Chilli (not to mention the Rooibos which adds a particularly special dimension) that you don’t need much, but we love a stick of celery as a stirrer/snack and some dried sea lettuce for umami amazingness.  

    Ok so the sea lettuce is a bit niche, but you can forage it yourself from the Kent coast and dry it on a radiator! We also put out a dish of chilli flakes so everyone can tweak the heat as per their own preference.



    Images courtesy of Bartle Halpin Photography.

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