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Masala Chai Tea Blend - Pouch & Loose Leaf

Chai: An ever-changing brew

As the popularity of chai and chai tea preparations soars around the world, its original nature and development down the ages has seemingly been lost in translation. 

And it's no wonder. After all, at it's root, the single word "Chai" (or Cha) is the word for "tea" in many Eurasian languages, stemming from the Persian word "chay", which originated from the Chinese word for tea, "chá".

It's not until the all-important addition of the word "Masala", meaning "spiced" that a fuller understanding of this very specific kind of brew becomes all too clear; the addition of spices (Kadha or Karha) to a black tea base.

Once an authentic perfectly balanced brew of tea, spices, milk and sugar, Chai, itself an invention to increase domestic consumption of tea in India by the East India Company, the notion of Chai continues to evolve across the world. This has led to the creation of drinks which comprise no tea at all but more sugar than spices and, more refreshingly, the addition of more innovative flavour notes to tea blends. 

In a nod to all things traditional our Masala Chai blend employs cardamom as a dominant flavour note and, when brewed for 10 minutes on the stove with milk and sugar, it is an extraordinarily authentic take on this Indian drink. However, following some extensive product development we have also added Ruby's Rooibos Chai and Persian Chai to our core range. The former is a naturally caffeine-free yet spicier take on our existing blend, the latter uses a Chinese Rose Congou tea base for a more gently spiced, naturally sweet experience. 

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