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Matcha Smoothie

Super Simple Matcha Smoothie Recipe

Struggling to get the high you need from your coffee fix? Or are you struggling with coffee-related caffeine jitters?

Then we highly recommend a switch to our Ceremonial Grade Matcha! With 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea, matcha green tea is made by grinding down Tencha, a finely chopped Japanese green tea, whose bushes are shaded.

Shading does not only intensify the levels of "wonder amino-acid" L-theanine, but also increases the levels of caffeine and antioxidants. Indeed, it is the presence of both high levels of theanine and caffeine which are said to create matcha's signature state of “stimulated calm,” enjoyed since the Japanese tea ceremony was created by Japanese Buddhist monks to help them with their meditation around 900 years ago.

If the idea of the tea ceremony - or indeed the strong umami flavour of matcha is too much at the outset - why not try out our super simple smoothie recipe?

Simply throw the following ingredients into a blender/nutribullet all at once, whizz and pour!


1 frozen banana

A drop of vanilla extract

300ml unsweetened almond milk

1g of Debonair Tea Company Ceremonial Grade matcha powder

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