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Darjeeling in Eco Pouch

Plastic-free Loose Leaf Tea

Have you enjoyed our loose leaf tea in our plastic-free, compostable eco pouches yet? 

In our efforts to reduce the use of man-made materials in our business, we have, since the start of 2019, offered all of our loose leaf products and bulk pyramid bags in compostable eco pouches. 

Joining our teabags which have been plastic-free and biodegradable since we started our business way back in 2014, these pouches have proven to be a big hit with our online customers with an overwhelming 95% of you opting for this format.

This is not surprising given the sheer scale of the plastic problem the world faces and the heightened awareness due, in part, to the ‘Attenborough factor’; it is estimated that the global packaging industry alone is still responsible for producing 78 million tonnes of plastic each year.

Fully compostable, you just need to remove the labels from our pouches and dispose of them in your food recycling bin. Made with 45%-60% renewable wood pulp starch, the pouches will biodegrade to compost within 3 months when placed in a composting environment.

As a small, independent business we have been able to make the compostable format available relatively speedily and, in keeping with our commitment to continually improve, we are still working to unearth a fully recyclable material for our products which keeps your tea fresh, free from cross-contamination from other aromas - tea is extremely absorbent – and well presented. 

Stay tuned!

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