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Zest Tea Cocktail Series: Rock & Rose (Vegan Friendly)

Zest Tea Cocktail Series: Rock & Rose (Vegan Friendly)

We are tea-lighted to introduce our latest wholesale partnership with the very shiny and new Zest bistro in Ramsgate, Kent - Louisa's hometown!

Serving contemporary local food and fragrant, innovative cocktails, their head mixologist Chris Clemson has very kindly agreed to share some of his tea-based cocktail recipes with us all!

First up: the Rock and Rose, using our Rosebud Lemonade herbal infusion - a burst of homemade lemonade with a delicate, lingering rose finish - the perfect tipple for a much hoped for Indian summer!

Rock and Rose (Serves One)

125ml Rosebud Lemonade, brewed strong then chilled - you don't want to wash out too much of the rose flavour, so we recommend 2tsp per serving

25ml Demerara sugar syrup

25ml Fresh lemon juice

35ml Reyka vodka

5 drops Aquafaba*

Once you've chilled your tea add the vodka, syrup, lemon juice and aquafaba and give it a hearty dry shake (without any ice in the shaker)

Please note, the tea must be cooled before shaking as shaking it hot will cause it to explode all over you. 

Serve over ice in a wide rimmed glass so that you can enjoy the aroma while you drink it. 

*Aquafaba is the leftover liquid from cooked chickpeas. The easiest way to get it is by draining a can of chickpeas and keeping the fluid. It's neutral tasting if not a little sweet and has functional properties similar to egg whites, meaning it gives the cocktail its frothy effervescent head in a way that's vegan friendly.

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