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Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

High quality Matcha powder from Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture. Vibrant and smooth, this finely ground, shade-grown tea has high levels of theanine and caffeine which are said to create a state of “stimulated calm”.


1. Use your perfect measure matcha spoon or bamboo scoop to take the perfect amount of matcha.

2. Add a small amount of water (around 50ml) at 80 degrees to your matcha – any hotter and you will burn the green tea powder.

3. To maximise flavour and produce a foamy, velvety finish, it is important to get rid of all lumps and excess matcha from around the bowl. Whisk the mixture well using an electric frother whisk or a traditional bamboo whisk in a W motion. 

4.  Once you have formed a liquid paste top up with 200ml water at 80 degrees.

Alternatively, use almond milk and honey to make up a delicious dairy-free matcha latte or add to smoothies to super charge them with green tea goodness!


Japanese Matcha Green Tea.

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