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Masala Chai Ingredients

Simple Masala Chai Recipe

If you've had a chance to check out the Tea-rivia section of our Masala Chai product page, you'll know that when tea was first grown commercially in India due to the British, it wasn't popular among the locals so Indian vendors began adding tea to Kadha – an existing drink of water and milk boiled with spices – and Chai tea was born.

Authentic chai does require a bit more patience than instant chai latte powders but it is a much lighter, healthier drink and, actually contains tea! Make with milk or mylk - if plant-based is your bag we recommend oat or almond. Here's our super-simple go-to recipe...


2 heaped teaspoons/2 pyramid teabags Debonair Tea Company Masala Chai tea

A 600ml 1:1 ratio of milk/mylk to water in a pan

Sugar to taste - a small teaspoon per cup/mug is sufficient; we love using brown or coconut sugar in ours


1. Place your pan of milk and water over a low heat on the stove top and add the oose leaf Masala Chai

2. Bring the mixture to simmer, stirring frequently, until the flavour has developed to your taste

3. Add sugar once you have removed the pan from the heat so it doesn't make your pan sticky and difficult to clean

4. Strain into mugs using a tea strainer or sieve and serve.

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